Vitalizing biogas as a sustainable business

Gas Vitae is providing production know-how with extensive experience and knowledge in the biogas and energy sector. We offer strong advisory services to realize biogas production projects.

Our vision is to share our knowledge about renewable energy to global communities and draw attention to the tremendous potential of value creation that biogas will offer for the environment and socio-economy as one of the leading energy resources globally.

Our mission is to support feasible, climate and environmentally friendly biogas productions.

A strong partner in biogas

With technical, business and economics backgrounds, we know the inner technical functionality of the technologies involved in the biogas sector. We know where biogas creates the most value and how to bring it there. We have an extensive network in the energy and biogas sector, ranging from farmers to plant suppliers, governing bodies and top-level strategists from the largest energy companies.

In the transportation sector, we are experts in the Danish and European regulatory frameworks, and know how to navigate to create the most value. We have extensive knowledge about the environmental, business and socioeconomic effects of bringing biogas to transport, and we are experts in the certificate trading system of which we have been involved in developing.